Fill the form 48hrs prior to your appointment.

    By signing this form, you certify that you understand the seriousness and the risk of tattooing. The tattoo artist declares that he practices the art of tattooing with respect in matters of hygiene and health security. The tattoo artist declares to use disposable and sterile equipment. Finally, the tattoo artist guarantees that this data will remain strictly confidential.

    I, the undersigned

    ColorBlack & Gray

    I hereby certify:

    Be 18 years of age or older (if under 18 years of age: parental authorization required - please ask for the form to be signed for minors and their parents)

    I asked all the questions I had regarding the tattoo process and was given all the information I wanted by the artist.

    Understand that a tattoo is indelible (dermo-pigmentation for life),

    Not to be under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any other psychotropic medication.

    Do not take medicines which could thin the blood .

    That I do not have allergies to inks and pigments, to certain materials used in tattooing or to certain materials such as petroleum jelly, latex, etc.)

    Not to be pregnant.

    Have consulted a doctor beforehand if I have a medical condition that could complicate the application / healing of a tattoo.

    Question Covid-19:

    In the last 14 days have you experienced any of these symptoms?








    I agree to contact StudioTattooMania in the event of symptoms or a diagnosis of Covid-19 in the next 14 days after my appointment.

    Guidelines to observe during the tattoo session:

    1 -­ Mask are mandatory.A new 3ply medical grade mask will be given to you for your tattoo session

    2 -­ ­Come alone at the time indicated at the appointment given by the artist.
    (No one other than the client will have access to the shop)

    3 -­ Sanitize your hands at the entrance.


    I certify that I have read all of the above and that all of the information confirmed above about me is correct.

    In addition I release the tattoo artist & StudioTattooMania from all consequences due to the tattoo, whatever its nature (discomfort, infection, allergy, ...), and declare to assume full responsibility

    I also acknowledge having read the possible risks associated with tattooing and its consequences, even exceptional.

    I also agree to comply with the tattoo artist's recommendations in order to avoid any infection and guarantee the best possible healing and to consult a health professional if necessary.

    Tattoo artists & Studio TattooMania may take and/or use picture and/or videos of my tattoo on social media and print/digital publication.

    I give consent to the use of any pictures and or videos taken during my visit.